The Best Films of 2013

What a great year it was at the movies!

Our local movie houses were brimming this year with stories of true-life heroes, singing snowmen, astronauts fighting for their lives, shy daydreamers going on globe-hopping adventures, and men falling in love with their computers. We saw the big-screen returns of the likes of Ron Burgundy, Mike and Sully, Kirk and Spock, Bilbo, Katniss, and even the Man of Steel.

2013 in Film:

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Frozen: REVIEW


Disney returns to form with this delightful new sing-along adventure.

By now, Disney has the whole “princess-movie” thing down to a science. They tend to know what works, and what doesn’t. Even though it may hit all the same notes as those that came before it, “Frozen” still enchants throughout and manages to recapture that classic Disney spirit.

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