We Make Movies

 Written and Directed by Matt Tory
Released February 14, 2017

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We Make Movies is a heartfelt and hilarious comedy chronicling the ups and downs of a group of college students who spend their summer making a movie for their town’s Film Festival.

SYNOPSIS: In the summer of 2015, cameras were allowed on the set of a local independent film.  What they captured was a hilarious and heartfelt look “behind the scenes” as a group of college kids spend their summer making a movie for their town’s Film Festival.  Cameras chronicle the tumultuous ups and downs as egotistical student Director Stevphen Bixby rounds up his friends – and some bystanders – to help make his masterpiece: a movie that blends together all the greatest films ever made.


“We Make Movies” stars Jordan Hopewell, Zack Slort, Jonathan Holmes, Anne Crockett, Matt Silver, myself and more. It was funded through a large group of supporters on Kickstarter, and acted as my Senior Thesis film as I graduated from Biola University.
This was a film I’d been wanting to make for years, and it’s a thrill to finally see it out in the world. We can’t wait for you to see it, and we hope it brings you some laughs! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you thought!

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Press Kit

Winner: The Triangle Award – Columbia Gorge International Film Festival
Winner: Best Young Filmmaker Award – Davis International Film Festival

Watch the trailer:


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