New Video!

I got to visit a lot of great places in the world this past year, so I thought I’d have some fun along the way.
Plus, “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen is just one of the all time greatest songs to rock out to (just please don’t make too much fun of my dancing). Thanks to everyone who helped out:

“We Make Movies”
Watch Now!

Written and Directed by Matt Tory, We Make Movies is a heartfelt and hilarious look “behind the scenes” as a group of college kids spend their summer making a movie for their town’s Film Festival. Cameras chronicle the tumultuous ups and downs (mostly downs) as an egotistical student Director rounds up his friends – and some bystanders – to help make his masterpiece: a movie that blends together all the greatest films ever made.

Starring Jordan Hopewell, Matt Tory, Zack Slort, Anne Crockett, Jonathan Holmes, Matt Silver and more. Visit to watch the award-winning comedy now! Or stream for free on Amazon Prime.

ALSO Check out the JUST RELEASED eBook, We Make Movies: The Official Movie Companion, now available on iTunes and Amazon bookstores.


Matt Tory is a Writer, Director, Filmmaker, and Jelly Donut Aficionado.

Explore his work below.

Feel free to reach him for any questions, comments, or personal fashion tips at:


Feature Films, Short Films, Web Videos and Music Videos. Written, Directed and Edited by Matt Tory.


A place to discuss life, love, films, pop culture, the dietary habits of hyenas, and other curiosities.

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I love movies.
All kinds of movies. I also enjoy discussing them with others, and letting people know whether or not they’re worth their $13.
(Hot tip: The best seat in the theater? The middle of the first row after the walkway through the bottom middle. It’s a scientific fact. I’ve proven it). 

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