The Christmas Candle: REVIEW


A sentimental, if hokey, Christmas movie for the whole family.

Based on the Christmas novel by Max Lucado, The Christmas Candle will no doubt find its way to the Hallmark Channel over the coming Christmas seasons. Though the film is entertaining enough (and perhaps provides a good, clean family outing to the theater), The Christmas Candle will probably be forgotten among the piles of similar feel-good movies by many viewers.

Following a minister who takes over the local church of a village made famous by a special “wish-giving candle” bestowed upon them by an angel every 25 years, The Christmas Candle presents itself as a sort of modern-day church-backed Charles Dickens tale. You can guess where the story goes. The minister, once full of doubts, learns to believe again. But you knew that was going to happen.

+ Solid acting for a low-budget feature film
+ You do come to truly care about the main character

Too sentimental for its own good
Muddled story feels tired and cliched



While it entertains and keeps your attention with plenty of sentimental Christmas moments throughout, The Christmas Candle ultimately leaves one with nothing to hold onto after the credits roll.


The Christmas Candle is appropriate for all ages.

© Matt Tory, 2013. 

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