22 Jump Street: REVIEW

Jenko and Schmidt are undercover again – and this time they’re in college. Cue the bean bags, shower caddies, and spring breaks. 

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s brilliant chemistry blossoms as the two undercover agents find themselves in even more silly hijinks two years later.

22 Jump is a sharp, clever, energetic comedy sequel that’s more than eager to poke fun at itself. It’s not perfect, but 22 Jump Street is a hilarious buddy comedy with plenty of laughs and lots of heart.
(And make sure to stay for the end credits!)reviewscalenew2

22 Jump Street is rated R for “language throughout, sexual content, and some violence.” The language is constant, and the movie has its fair share of crude gags. 22 Jump Street is not for younger audiences or anyone who cannot tolerate crude humor. 

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